The Art Crimes Band – Neon Skyline

The Art Crimes Band - Neon Skylights

After Guy Like You and If Only, two exceptional singles released this year, The Art Crimes Band returned with another divine piece of sonic artistry. Neon Skyline showcases the luxurious sound of this fantastic Irish band, but it seems this particular composition delivers even more sonic delicacies than any other song they released before. For those who might not know, The Art Crimes Band solely rely upon the rich eighties music heritage. Therefore, maybe their music resonates with orchestrations that vividly resemble eighties rock, but don’t be surprised if you stumble upon yacht rock, indie rock, soft rock, indie pop, and synth-pop from that particular era.

The Art Crimes Band

Neon Skyline proves all the creativeness, musicianship, and brilliance of The Art Crimes Band. You’ll immediately notice ear-appealing synth leads and ambiances, empowered by a funky guitar solo. The exceptional vocal abilities of a lead vocalist enhance Neon Skyline on an entirely new level, while the meaningful, poetic lyrics contribute to the quality of this song. Of course, eighties yacht rock wouldn’t be complete without outstanding saxophone leads and solos skillfully implemented in the right places. Nothing would sound so energetic without warm-sounding low-end tones and profoundly dynamic drumming performance. The entire band bursts with experience, and you’ll immediately notice that.

It’s been a while since I heard a band that explores eighties music this good as The Art Crimes band. There’s something about Neon Skyline that repeatedly sparks attention and forces you to listen to this composition over again. This single will be right up your alley if you search for impressive, nostalgic music. Neon Skyline is available for listening on all streaming platforms.

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