Proslov / Ground Zero – Split LP (Various Labels)

Proslov / Ground Zero - Split LP - Various Labels

Today, we have one of the best split vinyl releases that emerged on the regional scene in the past couple of years. Perhaps this material was released more than two years ago, but it deserves your utmost attention if you ever nurtured any interest in metalcore and hardcore music. Even if you’re not into this type of sound but you are curious about it, a split release between Proslov and Ground Zero will unquestionably spark your interest in this genre. Proslov is a metalcore quintet coming from Županja, Croatia. The band roams the regional scene for a while, and so far, they released an excellent debut EP called Provincija. Ground Zero is a legendary metalcore group from Novi Sad, Srbija. In almost two and half decades of existence, these guys released many flawless recordings, such as Possess Me EP, Last Goodbye LP, Morbius Panonicus – Russian tour Sampler, Morbius Panonicus LP, and Levitations In Suffering EP. Besides all these recordings, they also appeared on the All From The Heart CD sampler. As far as I am informed, this split release is the latest recording by both bands.

Proslov are opening up this fine piece of plastic with their version of metalcore. They nurture a distinctive sound that resembles something metalcore bands would eventually record during the mid to late nineties. However, there’s a twist in the plot. Proslov improved that particular style by implementing some early 2000s neo crust, modern metalcore, and melodic hardcore into their songs. I admit this sounds unique in so many ways, and I adore how much they paid attention to the song structures, arrangements, accentuations, and other details that define good metalcore tracks. Each segment in every composition plays a significant role, and you’ll be blown away by how some of these riffs, themes, melodies, and harmonies resonate throughout their side of this split release. Also, it’s good to mention that this material slightly differs from their debut recordings. Proslov improved their sound to the max, and these compositions showcase the natural progression of a very creative band.

Ground Zero deliver their unique blend on the other side of this split LP. For those unfamiliar with the activities of this band, expect nothing but audio havoc built upon several complementary music genres. Of course, they define themselves as a metalcore band, but that definition means a full specter of similar genres bounded together into colossal slabs of well-articulated noise. Besides metalcore, you’ll stumble upon some of the finest properties of crustcore, black metal, death metal, thrash metal, and hardcore punk. However, don’t be surprised if you hear some other elements because there are many lurking around. Ground Zero stacked their side of this split release with four compositions built upon hellish melodies, catchy shreds, scales, harmonies, riffs, semi-distorted basslines, and an entire specter of various rhythmic sequences. It’s also good to mention these folks covered Granje, and it sounds superb. Unlike Proslov, Ground Zero have two vocalists with incredible range, so their capabilities perfectly apply no matter which style they’re covering at the moment. There are many sonic delicacies lurking throughout these five songs, so their material will keep your listening apparatus occupied for sure.

This tremendous split release comes with an eye-peeling illustration of a double-headed Cerberus. You’ll also find all the necessary information about the bands and this release. The entire split release sounds and looks good, so don’t miss this one if you’re into perfectly executed metalcore. Contact the bands, or reach out Rebuild Collective, Underground Disco Beočin, SKCNS, or Catfish Records for more information about ordering.

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