Polar Caps – Altitudes CD EP (Alaskan Records)

Polar Caps - Altitudes CD EP - Alaskan Records

After covering the recent comeback album by First Signs Of Frost, it’s time for some more excellent music from Alaskan Records. This particular release is a slightly older one released back in 2014, but it deserves your utmost attention if you somehow missed it back then. Perhaps the music of Polar Caps differs from something we’re covering all the time on our pages. Nevertheless, I find brilliance in this music project mainly because it sounds so different from something you could stumble upon on streaming services, social media, and the web nowadays. Polar Caps explores the vast universe of indie pop by applying some not so characteristic technics heard in this music genre. Altitudes EP is a perfect example of what I am trying to explain here, so I decided to write a couple more words about it.

Maybe the sound of Polar Caps leans much more towards something contemporary commercial pop artists would eventually record, but as is usually the case, there’s a catch. This immensely talented artist applies math-rock, metalcore, indie rock, synthwave, and synthpop sonic maneuvers over the fundamentals of indie pop music. There aren’t luxurious portions of distortion, enormous dosages of heaviness, intense dynamics, or relentless aggression involved in the mix. However, these ideas, structures, musicianship, melodies, harmonies, arpeggiated chord progressions, and other sonic delicacies totally resemble something math-rock, mathcore, metalcore, and post-hardcore bands would eventually record during their careers. Polar Caps mellowed out these maneuvers, so his music could resonate with soothing, mellow, relaxing, cheerful, energetic vibes.

As soon as you press play, you’ll immediately notice how Polar Caps applies all these thoughtfully arranged, detailed, complex chord progressions, melodies, harmonies, and basslines. He incorporates several instruments to achieve the desired sound, such as classic, acoustic, electric guitars, and bass guitars. However, there are some rhythm machines, synthesizers, keyboards, arpeggiators, loops, and samples lurking around in the mix as well. Polar Caps easily handles cheerful and much calmer songs, so Altitudes EP carries whichever ambiance you prefer. It’s nearly mindblowing how some of the segments included in these songs were composed, and if you’re a skillful musician with years of experience, you’ll know how to appreciate this release. Still, even if you’re just one of those regular listeners, you’ll love these songs mainly because of their quality, innovativeness, and uniqueness. I believe Altitudes EP is still available on CD via Alaskan Records, so head to their website and grab this indie pop gem.

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