First Signs Of Frost - Anthropocene CD - Alaskan Records

First Signs Of Frost – Anthropocene CD (Alaskan Records)

First Signs Of Frost - Anthropocene CD - Alaskan Records

First Signs Of Frost went on hiatus in 2009 after the departure of the original vocalist Dan Tompkins, leaving the band with a critically acclaimed full-length named Atlantic as their only recording. However, that didn’t stop guitarist Oven H-H from writing and composing outstanding, progressive metalcore songs. With a new lineup, the band resurrected into a more groovy and ambient direction, and the natural progression is more than evident at Anthropocene, their brand new full-length release. After comparing the Atlantic and Anthropocene, I can only state First Signs Of Frost matured over the years. Their new material unquestionably showcases many signs of progress, and it’s one of those albums that seeks your attention from scratch to finish.

Anthropocene consists of eleven metalcore compositions. However, First Signs Of Frost are not a regular metalcore band you stumble upon every day. After all, numbers such as Relics, Viking Blood, and Loss, three introductory singles heavily promoted by the band and their record label over social media, showcase First Signs Of Frost aren’t joking around with their sound. Quite the contrary, these experienced musicians thoroughly planned each sonic maneuver. You’ll notice how they thought about it while shaping song structures, enormously progressive themes, melodies, harmonies, arpeggiated chord progressions, shreds, riffs, and other virtuosities delivered by continuous dueling between guitar players.

Of course, nothing would sound so heavy without massive low-end tones. The sound engineer/producer volumed bass guitar almost equally as guitars, so you’ll hear every cleverly assembled bassline in the mix. Wait until you hear the enormously dynamic drumming performance that, in many ways, defines the direction of these compositions. You’ll be blown away by the sheer amount of complex rhythmic structures, catchy accentuations delivered by continuous splashing over the cymbals, and hectic drum fills. The new vocalist shines bright in the limelight. His vocal performance comes like a cherry on top over the already complex musicianship of the remainder of the band.

As I mentioned above, First Signs Of Frost are not a regular metalcore band. Perhaps their sound explores the fundamentals of this genre, but there’s more than meets the eye. There are many elements lurking around in the mix, and you’ll notice them all. The band included some of the finest properties of progressive metal, post-metal, tech metal, math-core, post-hardcore, djent, post-rock, and ambient music. However, don’t be surprised if you stumble upon some other elements along the way because First Signs Of Frost invested blood, sweat, and tears into this material, and the effort paid off in eleven detailed compositions worth checking out. Anthropocene is available on CD and all streaming platforms. Head to Alaskan Records for more information about ordering this metalcore gem.





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