V/A – Blowtorch Records Classics Vol. 1 – A Plan For Something LP (Blowtorch Records)

V/A - Blowtorch Records Classics Vol. 1 - A Plan For Something LP - Blowtorch Records

It’s been a while since we covered various artists’ compilations on our site, so the first edition of Blowtorch Records classics came just in time. If you paid close attention to our pages for the last two months, you probably stumbled upon many reviews where I covered Blowtorch Records artists. This prolific Irish record label continuously publishes outstanding music releases, and so far, I have had nothing but a pleasant experience listening to all of them. If you somehow missed the activities of this record label or any of their artists, this is where the first edition of Blowtorch Records classics jumps to help.

This compilation carries twelve compositions from twelve exceptional artists. Each artist/band differs from another, so if you’re looking for a sampler where musicians are exploring only a particular genre, Blowtorch Records classics might not be something you’ve been looking for. However, if you’re into comps where each act covers an entirely different music genre, this collection of songs will be right up your alley. Blowtorch Records commences with Static Vision, a rock’n’roll-infused punk rock band that bursts with powerful chord progressions, catchy singalongs, and a heavy rhythm section. Then you have Paper Tigers with their version of fuzzy alternative rock that will spark your interest to proceed in listening to this compilation album. Undercover Martians is a band I recently discovered over a Blowtorch newsletter, and their eighties-inspired rock’n’roll mixed with contemporary indie is unquestionably something special. The Rivers continue at almost the same pace, with a catchy mixture of generously distorted blend of alternative and indie. Things are getting even more complex with the reverby, echoic, cathartic shoegaze sound of Concrete Twin. Their soothing song will prepare you for the energetic power pop-infused rock’n’roll track by Check Please! It’s also the composition that closes the A side of this superb vinyl release.

Things are becoming heavier with Omniscient Delusion, a powerful post-punk song by Turnstiles. If you somehow missed my review about their self-titled EP, I advise you to check this band out. WAXX delivers another powerful composition based on fuzzy riffs and profoundly dynamic rhythmic sequences. Their version of grunge revival, punk rock, alternative, and indie rock will knock your socks off. If you looked for complex eighties post-punk music, Nixer covers your needs with their synth version of this genre. These guys never cease to amaze me with their ideas. Keith Mosfet showcases his version of the 60s garage rock blended with some sonic maneuvers borrowed from the contemporary alternative and indie rock scene. His track has a catchy chorus decorated with high-pitched synths that will undoubtedly grab your attention. Over The Hill by Moondog indicates the closure of this tremendous sampler with its calm, psychedelic rock ambiance. It’s one of those songs that immediately gets into your ears and refuses to get out. Kid Slang closes this compilation with their version of a lo-fi mixture of Americana, country, and bluegrass sound.

This first edition of Blowtorch Records classics is probably one of the better various artist compilations I heard in recent years. It’s fully packed with outstanding rock songs, and I can’t honestly spot any weak moments on it. This sampler will unquestionably suit you if you’re looking out for some fresh alternative, grunge, indie, post-punk, punk rock, and rock’n’roll tracks. Head to Blowtorch Records for more information about ordering.

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