Quiet Tongues - This Water Is Wet

Quiet Tongues – This Water Is Wet

Quiet Tongues - This Water Is Wet

London-based alternative rock band Quiet Tongues has released a brand new single today. This Water Is Wet is their second single in the row this year that serves as an appropriate continuation of Ennui, their debut number. The latest single serves as an example of how alternative music can still sound fresh, unique, entertaining, and innovative, even after more than thirty years since its inception as a genre. As soon as you press play, you’ll notice Quiet Tongues are not joking around with their music. Maybe their sound relies upon the fundamentals of alternative music, but there’s always more than meets the eye. You’ll notice how this interesting band incorporates only the best properties of indie rock, indie pop, Brit-pop, and maybe some other music genres along the way without spoiling the primary sonic direction.

Quiet Tongues
Photo by Liza Henrichs

This Water Is Wet commences with hypnotic, high-pitched, arpeggiated chord progressions that keep emerging throughout the entire song. The other guitar supports these chord progressions with catchy semi-distorted riffs, while the vividly hearable, warm-sounding basslines provide more than necessary massiveness to both guitar channels. These low-end tones also act as a binder between guitars and a profoundly dynamic rhythm section. The drummer keeps things more interesting through complex, energetic, moderate rhythmic segments, delicate accentuations, and drum fills. Quiet Tongues sound like a singular organism from scratch to finish, and it seems This Water Is Wet becomes even more complex as the closure approaches. Also, the lead singer possesses distinctive, exceptional vocal abilities, and it’s been a while since I heard someone who can deliver tremendous amounts of emotion to the song. His vocal performance unquestionably makes this composition even more interesting. This Water Is Wet is one of those songs you need to hear to comprehend the brilliance of the band. Head to your favorite streaming platform and check out this alternative rock gem.





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