Lore City - Under Way 7" EP

Lore City – Under Way 7″ EP

Lore City - Under Way 7" EP

Today, we have another exceptional release on our pages. If you followed us regularly, you probably noticed we’re knee-deep into post-punk music, so when this release arrived at our headquarters, we spun it on our turntable for weeks. However, the sound of Lore City is far from plain, old, simplistic post-punk, repetitiously explored by so many bands over the years. Quite the contrary, the duo explores many music genres along the way, so Under Way 7″ will unquestionably suit anyone who gives a chance to this fine piece of plastic. Since 2014, Lore City has unleashed an impressive amount of full-lengths, such as Kill Your Dreams, Absence And Time, Alchemical Task, and Participation Mystique.

Under Way is their first extended play release that includes two excellent compositions capable of satisfying even the pickiest admirers of several music genres. Instead of going the safest route and incorporating classic post-punk maneuvers, Lore City decided to experiment, improve, and invent something new by applying a couple of avant-garde music genres. You’ll stumble upon some of the finest properties of ambient, drone, downtempo, goth rock, and psychedelic rock music. Many contemporaries lean towards that dark, depressive, eerie ambiance, but Lore City does quite the opposite. They levitate much more towards a psychedelic, calm, relaxing, soothing, cathartic atmosphere, where all the layers of sound act like a chapter of the story. The hypnotic chants are the only constant that leads you through these chapters. These singing parts resonate like another layer of harmonies that perfectly apply to the remainder of the orchestrations.

Perhaps this release might sound minimalistic to some inexperienced ears, but Under Way carries many instruments distilled into a colossal slab of harmonious tones. Keyboards, synths, piano, guitar, percussions, and beats are just a part of Lore City’s sonic arsenal. Don’t be surprised if you hear some other elements thrown into the mix along the way because these numbers will undoubtedly surprise you with their complexity. Maybe some of these instruments are sampled, maybe not, but they unquestionably play a significant role in shaping the luxurious ambiance. Under Way will be right up your alley if you’re looking for some flawlessly produced post-punk music decorated with a touch of avant-garde sound. Head to Lore City‘s official website for more information about ordering this superb 7″ EP.





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