Twin Dive - Lavish Material LP

Twin Dive – Lavish Material LP

Twin Dive - Lavish Material LP

Here’s something for the lovers of abrasive, raw, dirty rock’n’roll music. I admit this is the first time I am stumbling upon this band, but their music immediately blew me off my chair. I am pretty sure there are many bands nurturing a similar sound, but this band is on an entirely new level. Twin Dive possess some wild, relentless, unstoppable energy that keeps you motivated to spin this record over again. The other bands have some of these qualities packed in their music, but there are always elements missing in the sonic puzzle. Thankfully, Twin Dive possesses them all, and it’s nearly mindblowing how these folks packed everything into this recording.

Lavish Material carries eleven compositions packed into something more than 50 minutes. Sure, it’s a longevous material with the shortest composition being almost 3 minutes long, but hear me out, these songs burst with many details, and you won’t even notice the duration of the entire release. Also, it’s nearly mindblowing that Lavish Material is their debut full-length because these musicians burst with so much experience like this is their fifth album. Soundwise, many things are lurking around in these 50 minutes. Perhaps Twin Dive solely rely upon the late eighties and early nineties grunge sound, but you’ll also hear some other genres roaming around in the mix. Some other ingredients like noise rock, garage rock, post-hardcore, alternative, and indie come to mind, but these elements are not so dominant as grunge.

The band thoroughly combined everything to work to the ambiance of Lavish Material. You’ll unquestionably notice how this band handles enormous portions of abrasive, raw, dirty, and fuzzy ambiance. The most important fact and probably one of the main qualities of Twin Dive is their ability to maintain the sheer amount of relentless power throughout the album without sounding pretentious, repetitious, and boring. Quite the contrary, these layers of purposely overly distorted instruments give such an entertaining factor to this full-length album. Also, let’s not forget the ideas invested during the writing and composing process. Twin Dive aren’t joking around with their tracks. You’ll notice that each composition shines with an immense amount of cleverly performed vocal parts, complex riffs, guitar licks, and profoundly dynamic rhythmic segments. Each song tickles your listening apparatus, nerves, curiosity, and artists/bands capable of doing that are considered a pure rarity nowadays. You should take listen to Lavish Material because Twin Dive invested blood, sweat, and tears into this debut full-length release. Their effort paid off in an exceptional grunge album worth checking out. Head to Twin Dive‘s official website for more information about ordering.





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