LLC - Limousine

LLC – Limousine

LLC - Limousine

Today we have a very talented pop-punk artist on our pages. LLC launched his career in 2012 with a debut album named Shortcuts To Success, and since then, he’s keeping his career prolific by releasing singles and EPs as much as possible. Limousine is the latest composition by this remarkable artist and the fourth single in a row this year. This particular number serves as a continuation of his previous works but also showcases a natural progression of an artist who never ceases to amaze with his fine pieces of sonic artistry. Perhaps LLC dominantly leans towards the contemporary pop-punk sound, but his music carries many other elements. You’ll notice how this experienced musician incorporated only the best properties of emo, skate rock, indie, and alternative, so his composition could shine bright in the limelight.

Photo by Rachel Dunn

Some readers might think this is too many genres involved, but don’t worry, LLC thoroughly combined them to resonate in harmony. Besides the vividly hearable piano theme, you’ll hear powerful riffs, ear-appealing chord progressions, various guitar licks, warm-sounding basslines, and profoundly dynamic rhythmic structures. Each instrument plays a significant role in this polyphonous sonic equation that sounds outstanding from scratch to finish. LLC also thought about the song structure, arrangements, melodies, harmonies, and other qualities that define the best pop-punk tracks, so you’ll have a pleasant listening experience while listening to this excellent song. Limousine is available for listening to on all streaming services. Don’t miss it if you’re knee-deep into the pop-punk genre.





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