My Latest Failure – Bad Dreams

My Latest Failure - Bad Dreams

After many excellent singles such as Disappointment, Selfish, Voices, Demons, and two editions of Failures EP, My Latest Failure return with another superb composition. Bad Dreams is the first single this year that serves as an appropriate continuation of their previous works. However, as is usually the case, it comes with many innovations such as better production and more brilliant ideas involved than before. For those stumbling upon My Latest Failure for the first time, you can expect several complementary genres merged together into a colossal slab of harmonious, ear-appealing noise. Perhaps the band solely relies upon the fundamentals of melodic punk rock, but their music also carries some properties of pop-punk, skate-punk, melodic hardcore, and post-hardcore. That’s the case with Bad Dreams, which maybe leans towards melodic punk rock, but it possesses some elements of the beforementioned genres.

My Latest Failure

Bad Dream has that vividly recognizable modern punk rock ambiance, but don’t be surprised if you stumble upon some old-school maneuvers. The band solely relies upon four-chord progressions decorated by catchy melodies and solos. Besides lead vocals, harmonious singalongs and nearly hardcore/post-hardcore screams and shouts further decorate this composition. Nothing would sound so powerful without a rhythm section, based upon complementary basslines and exceptional mid-tempo drumming performance. Bad Dreams showcases the progress of the band who already sounded good but now sounds even better. The single is available for listening to on all streaming platforms.

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