Nixer – People Feel 12″ EP (Blowtorch Records)

Nixer - People Feel 12" EP - Blowtorch Records

Blowtorch Records has released an impressive number of excellent recordings in such a short period. I did a couple of reviews for their records so far, and I admit that I am deeply impressed by the quality of their roster. People Feel EP by Nixer is unquestionably one of the highlights this year if we’re talking about synthwave recordings. And there’s no wonder why that’s a case. Since 2020, Nixer have released excellent singles such as Your Days Are Over, Magnolia Mouth, True Romance, Relax, and Gentrification. Each single bursts with sheer quality that not so many artists nowadays could brag about, and Nixer keep pushing forward by stacking even more ideas into their newer recordings.

People Feel unquestionably showcases how these artists continuously expand their sonic arsenal, implement new ideas, and try out new things without changing the essence of their sound. This superb extended play carries six marvelous synthwave compositions capable of satisfying even the pickiest fans of the genre. It’s due to all the innovations these highly creative musicians implemented into a brand new material. Perhaps People Feel emits only the best properties of synthwave music, but Nixer are not afraid to experiment with some other music genres. Therefore, you’ll notice elements borrowed from electronic music, new wave, post-punk, indie rock, and alternative. Nixer thoroughly combined each ingredient, so every addition emphasizes the primary sonic direction of this material.

Each number carries a distinctive ambiance, but these songs complement each other and represent pieces of a much bigger sonic puzzle called People Feel. Nixer cleverly assembled each beat, analog synth sequence, bassline, guitar accentuation, and vocal part to work to the advantage of the entire release. Those guitar accentuations resemble something post-punk, new wave, or indie bands would eventually incorporate into their songs, but somehow it works quite well with the aesthetics of People Feel. The remainder of the instrumentations provides that specific synthwave feel we all dearly listen to and adore. This EP continuously levitates somewhere between old-school and contemporary sound, so you’ll have some difficulties which side of the spectrum Nixer prefer. At some moments, you’ll get the feeling like the modern aesthetics are shining brighter in the mix, but don’t be surprised once Nixer rapidly transform into a retro-sounding synthwave beast. People Feel EP is a wisely constructed material worth checking out. Head to Blowtorch Records for more information about ordering.

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