Fake Palms - Lemons LP - Hand Drawn Dracula

Fake Palms – Lemons LP (Hand Drawn Dracula)

Fake Palms - Lemons LP - Hand Drawn Dracula

So far, we learned Hand Drawn Dracula are not joking around while signing artists to their roster. At least, that’s my impression of this prolific Canadian record label because I was amazed by all the artists/bands they sent out my way so far. The upcoming, highly anticipated full-length release by Fake Palms is more than solid proof of my statement. Hand Drawn Dracula were kind enough to send Lemons LP ahead of the release date so you could read about this marvelous piece of sonic artistry firsthand. I admit I was blown away by the introductory singles, such as Visions, Satelite, and Civil Liberties, which both Fake Palms and the record label heavily promoted on social media. However, the remainder of the Lemons LP is equally good or even better. It’s one of those records you don’t want to miss if you’re profoundly into thoughtfully written, composed, and executed post-punk music.

However, Lemons is not only about post-punk sound. Quite the contrary, you’ll hear many other elements involved during the entire album. Fake Palms thoroughly planned each composition, so your listening apparatus will solely enjoy the best properties of art punk, art rock, alternative rock, indie rock, indie pop, dream pop, and shoegaze music. Some readers might think this is too many ingredients involved in the entire process. However, Fake Palms cleverly incorporated each element to work to the advantage of these compositions without spoiling the initial post-punk structure of the album. After all, these are all complementary music genres that further enhance the sheer brilliance of Lemons LP. Therefore, if even only one of these music genres applies to ears, then this fine piece of plastic is certainly something you should check out.

I am deeply impressed by the number of clever chord progressions invested into this recording. Each number bursts with high-pitched arpeggiated chord structures, powerful riffs, various licks, and experimentations. Fake Palms also thought about the low-end tones, so you’ll vividly hear each bassline lurking right beneath the beforementioned layers of chord progressions. Both instruments seem to do their work separately, but quite the contrary, they’re harmoniously paired to perfection. The profoundly dynamic drumming performance delivers energetic rhythmic structures, accentuations, fills, and other acrobatics that keep the remainder of the orchestrations in line. Each instrument plays a significant role in this sonic equation, which sounds incredible from scratch to finish. Perhaps Fake Palms lean much more toward contemporary post-punk music, but you’ll unquestionably hear some impressive maneuvers which vividly resemble the eighties sound. This album resonates with those retro vibes all the time, but the latest trends in music production give that modern touch.

The album drops on September 16th, so you can still pre-order this limited edition vinyl. Lemons come in ghostly blue/mint green and black in mint green swirl vinyl variants. Both look equally good, and the entire packaging perfectly goes with the sonic aesthetics of Fake Palms. Head to Hand Drawn Dracula for more information about ordering.






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