Spite – Dedication To Flesh (Rise Records)

Spite - Dedication To Flesh - Rise Records

If you ever thought music couldn’t sound heavier, then think again. Spite are here to convince you otherwise with Dedication To Flesh, their highly anticipated full-length release, released yesterday via Rise Records. Dedication To Flesh is an ultimate demonstration of power separated into twelve profoundly heavy compositions that will satisfy even the pickiest fans of the genre. Speaking of genres, Spite expanded their sonic vocabulary with this one because Dedication To Flesh unquestionably spans several genres of extreme underground music. Those unfamiliar with this brilliant band expect nothing but loads of metalcore, beatdown hardcore, djent, and all kinds of metal distilled into colossal guitar shreds, heavy riffs, big fat low-end tones, a comprehensive collection of rhythmic acrobatics, and all sorts of vocal maneuvers.

It’s nearly mindblowing how Spite stacked all their ideas into these songs. Even when you thought things couldn’t get more complex, this band surprises you by delivering even more sonic delicacies to the table. The best part about every idea invested into this material is that each segment comes as a more than necessary, well-deserved punch in the face. Even when you think these vocal parts could go higher or lower, riffs and basslines couldn’t get more progressive, or drumming couldn’t get more into extremes, Spite are there to prove you wrong. Dedication To Flesh has that thick layer of heaviness that will apply to every curious ear that demands colossal slabs of ear-appealing noise. The vocal range is utterly impressive. From hellish growls to high-pitched screams, the vocalist complements each sequence invested in these songs. The rhythm section built upon complex basslines and an entire amalgam of rhythmic acrobatics contributes to the massiveness of Dedication To Flesh but also provides more than necessary dynamics.

This album possesses so many highlights, so it’s nearly impossible to grasp them all in one listening. You’ll spend weeks detecting all the virtuosities and ideas invested into the Dedication To Flesh, and there’s no doubt this album will receive a special place in your music collection. The album is available on vinyl, compact disc, and digitally on all streaming platforms. Head over to Rise Records for more information about ordering.

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