In Search Of Solace

In Search Of Solace Release Video For Dead Reflections

In Search Of Solace

Metallic hardcore quartet In Search Of Solace share their stunning music video for their new single “Dead Reflections”. Lead singer Jonny LaDuke bares his soul through striking vocals in this impassioned track. The scenic video includes breath-taking drone shots juxtaposed by intense performance scenes that are brought together to narrate a tale of addiction and suffering. Guitarist and vocalist Nick Pocock has this to say about the song’s meaning: “This song is about the pain of being trapped in a cycle of addiction and succumbing to a vice that you want to break free from. You know it isn’t healthy and yet you justify it and tell yourself this time will be different and inevitably end up in more pain, time and time again. By the end of the song the subject accepts their fate as never being able to change and being damned until the end.” – Nick Pocock

The band comments on the music video;  “Our actor is essentially wasting away at a cabin in the woods, stumbling out the door and eventually dies on a frozen lake. Filming this was very emotional as capturing that pain is hard to watch someone go through, even if it’s only acting.” 

Born and bred in the cold Midwest, the band is based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. After accomplishments such as playing the legendary First Avenue and headlining packed hometown shows, the group went on to tour internationally. Extensive DIY and support tours ensued including opening for Of Virtue, Earth Groans, and more. Returning from the road, the musicians took the energy from the stage to the studio and dove into writing and recording what would become The Endless Ache.






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