Homes At Night – Tell Emma

Homes At Night - Tell Emma

Nashville indie duo Homes At Night recently released a new track. Tell Emma serves as an appropriate continuation of their debut composition named Bonnaroo. Perhaps this is their second single, but Homes At Night are experienced musicians who know how to assemble soothing, cathartic, meaningful love songs. Tell Emma talks about an author who struggles in a relationship that doesn’t go anywhere. It’s an emotional rollercoaster packed into a colossal slab built upon calmy ambiances, cleverly assembled melodies, flawlessly executed vocal harmonies, and mid-tempo rhythmic sequences. It’s a perfect example of how indie music can sound both relaxing and complex at the same time.

Homes At Night
Photo by Aaron Trademark

Still, Homes At Night are more than a basic indie band. Their music spans many complementary genres that further enhance this number. Besides the sheer dominance of indie rock, you’ll notice the vividly hearable properties of emo, alternative, nineties rock, and dream pop. Don’t be surprised if you stumble upon some shoegaze along the way because this song possesses some qualities of the beforementioned genre. There are so many instruments involved that you’ll probably spend some time trying to detect all of them, and besides analog sound, Homes At Night also included some synths and electronic beats. Tell Emma simultaneously sounds abrasive and polished, probably because of the electronic aspect of their song, but everything works so well together. It’s one of those songs you need to hear to comprehend Home At Night’s brilliance. These guys are experienced musicians who are not afraid to experiment with their music, and that’s the main reason why Tell Emma sounds incredible. The single is available for listening on all streaming services.

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