Swallow’s Rose – Downfall LP (SBÄM)

Swallow's Rose - Downfall LP - SBÄM

Here’s some more music from SBÄM. I am familiar with this band since we featured all their singles on our page. Swallow’s Rose are a Bavarian melodic punk rock band that recently released their second full-length release named Downfall. I have to admit that the introductory pieces were excellent. I mean, check out tracks like Live For Today, Downfall, Up To You, and So Sail On, and you’ll know what I am talking about. These are all outstanding songs with a rock-solid message simultaneously defining the sonic direction of the remainder of the material in one way or another. But of course, you’ll find many more excellent tracks on Downfall.

Besides the beforementioned introductory singles, Downfall carries eight more songs. That’s twelve songs in total for your listening pleasure, and believe me, you’ll immediately fall in love with this vinyl record as soon as you put it on your turntable. These guys carry in their songs everything you dearly love about melodic punk rock, melodic hardcore, and pop-punk. There’s not even the slightest bit of Downfall I would change to sound better because this record certainly resonates with enough qualities that some renowned bands could only wish they had at some point in their careers. Perhaps some purists wouldn’t agree with me, but I dare you to find any weak spots on this record after listening to it from scratch to finish.

If you ever looked for anthemic melodic punk rock, then Swallow’s Rose will be right up your alley. The sheer amount of singalongs sometimes may be overwhelming, but these guys are doing it so damn well that those harmonious shoutouts became their signature moves. The vocal lines, background vocals, and singalongs really make the difference here, and they somehow define the direction of this release. Of course, that doesn’t mean that the remainder of the band isn’t important. Quite the contrary, their ideas, musicianship, and sense for writing and composing incredible melodic punk rock songs go beyond comprehension. Maybe Swallow’s Rose leans much more towards contemporary punk rock than evoking memories of those good old days, but it works well for the band who knows how to write proper punk rock songs. Therefore, if you’re looking out for a band that equally shares its love for skate punk, melodic punk rock, and pop-punk, Swallow’s Rose is a perfect choice for you. Head over to SBÄM for more information about ordering this gem on vinyl.

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