Brandon Richie – My Movie

Brandon Richie - My Movie

After several singles, EPs, and a full-length album, Philly-based pop-punk artist Brandon Richie has returned with another excellent track. My Movie is his sixth single since 2018 and the second composition released this year. This particular number embraces only the best qualities of contemporary pop-punk music. However, don’t be surprised if you stumble upon some heavier moments usually heard in the easy core, skate punk, and melodic punk-rock music. My Movie carries soothing melodies and harmonies to indulge your listening apparatus but still possesses enough power to crush your bones. Therefore, it will appeal to even the pickiest fans of this genre.

Brandon Richie
Photo by Kaddy McAuliffe

It’s nearly mindblowing how Brandon Richie combined all these elements to achieve the desired sound. The guitars deliver tight, cleverly assembled riffs that perfectly suit the soothing pop-punk ambiance. You’ll also hear semi-distorted basslines punching from beneath. These low-end tones are also responsible for the heaviness of My Movie but also serve as a binding element between guitars and excellent drumming performance. Everything sounds even better with a confident and sincere vocal performance that unquestionably adds up even more power over aggressive, raw, fuzzy riffs. There’s something about My Movie that keeps you motivated to spin this track all the time, so this new sonic direction of Brandon Richie works to his advantage. Don’t miss this single because it will easily end up on your pop-punk playlist. My Movie is available for listening to on all streaming platforms.

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