Interview: Virtue In Vain

Virtue In Vain

Virtue In Vain is a progressive metalcore band from Cardiff and London. They recently released a brand new single called The Whispers Of Sleep. Once again, Andrew of Rogue PR spoke with the band about the writing and recording process, gigs, etc. Enjoy!

When did you realise that your project/band had the potential to be a career, or long- lasting idea?

For me (Hywel) I always have had a strong belief that this band would be long lasting. I truly am all in with this band. The turning moment when I felt we had something special was when we released our first song Watchmaker. It was when I thought ‘this song has something special to it’. From then we just keep trying to better this band and our music.

When did the first glimpses of your latest release come together?

During Lockdown I had written a chorus I was very fond of and then we just added parts. It came together when I had a nightmare and wasn’t sure if I was awake or sleeping and even when I woke up, I wasn’t sure what was real and not. ‘The Whispers Of Sleep’ is built upon that feeling at that moment. The song also incorporates how our dreams/nightmares are created from our subconscious and how it makes moments from our past, be it places or people, feel so real. Once we had that in mind, it just all came together and is what it is today.

What really inspires your music?

Watching and listening to other bands. Live music is one of the best experiences you can have. No matter the size of the band, it always really motivates me to write more of our own music. Listening to bands that we all enjoy also inspires us. Bands that really push the genre and try new methods have really made us reflect and want to make something special and new in our new songs.

Virtue In Vain

Can you tell us a bit about the lyrical process for a song? How does it normally work?

On a day to day basis I write down a lot of little sentences or a section of lyrics. It could be brought on by listening to a song and writing a chorus or verse a different way or sometimes it’s just I hear a word and my mind just starts going with a story. When it comes to finalising songs, I have to sit down with the song on repeat and really go over it constantly to make sure what I want to say fits the music. It takes a long time as I won’t settle for lyrics that I am not fully invested in.

What’s the most rewarding moment in your creative process as a band, and why?

Once a song comes together and we play it through for the first time. That feeling of looking at each and really feeling the song is amazing. It’s a beautiful thing when you look at your closest friends and really feel that you have made a song together and it comes out just as you wanted it to.

Who produces your music, and what are they like to work with? (If you produce the music yourself, what do you love the most about working that way?)

We work with Avenue Studios on our latest release. He is exceptional in what he does. He understood exactly what we were going for and he has perfected his craft to a degree that I honestly was in awe in how fast and precise he was. It was the first time as a band that we felt we worked with someone who understood what Virtue In Vain is and made us really shine.

Virtue In Vain

Can you give us a couple of personal highlights from your live show? Particular memories that stand out to you?

One memory that stands out for me is, we used to play a song off our first EP called ‘For All You Know Is The Mask I Wore’. When we played it live in one part of the song I fall to my knees and just scream the words. The song has a very deep meaning for me and so it stands out. However, while being a very dear song to me, going to my knees was very very painful. So much that I can’t do it anymore as I caused a bit too much damage to my knees. The price of getting a bit too into your songs I suppose. I am really looking forward to playing our latest release ‘The Whispers Of Sleep’ live as it has a different element to the song that I feel would really leave an impact on anyone watching our show.

What advice would you give to another upcoming band/act?

Keep practicing and experiment with your sound. The best course is just to keep going and write/jam/play as much as you can. At one point it will all fall into place.

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