Between Bodies

Between Bodies Unleash New Video; Debut LP Out September 30th Via I.Corrupt.Records

Between Bodies

After the release of “On Fences” in late 2019, the emo-punk outfit Between Bodies has set to release their debut full-length LP on September 30th of 2022.

Only with a very small number of live shows on their record, Between Bodies from Cologne have gathered a pretty big interest in the German emo and indie landscape due to their “On Fences” EP. Unsurprisingly the plans of playing more shows and tours have been rendered impossibly by the pandemic, instead the members focused on writing new music which ended up becoming the band’s debut album “Electric Sleep”.

On the album, Between Bodies are taking on the sounds and emotions of bands that have been in the pop-punk and emo game since the mid-90s (think The Get-Up Kids, Smoking Popes and Alkaline Trio) and give them their own personal, modern touch. With the first single out output “Lucifer, I Wanna Be Everything”, which is also the album’s opening track, the band doesn’t need much time to prove their ability of delivering quality pop-rock songs. Catchy guitar and cynths melodies, supported by dynamic drums are the groundworks for the sound. Topped off by rotating singing vocals, each song is able to getting stuck in the listener’s ears.







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