Cool Living Announces Debut Album; Watch Video For Queen Of Dallas

Cool Living

Having been around for a couple of year and with a number of shows, Cool Living from Germany have not released a physical record yet. This will change September 2nd when the band’s debut album goes public.

Cool Living could not have chosen a more apt name for their debut album Adult Contemporary and yet it can be very misleading. With intimidating accuracy the band’s style of 90s emo/indie/rock hits that sweet spot somewhere between nostalgia and an intense awareness of the moment that goes best with the cathartic melancholy of an hour-long lonely bus ride just when you need it. Total deceleration. 

But Adult Contemporary is so much more than the perfect inoffensive soundtrack. It’s the entire anthology film that starts playing on the back of your eyelids the second you lower them. Lyrically, Cool Living trade in the kind of moments that are often intangible and yet so familiar. They paint pictures with that special mixture of poetic abstractness, utter sincerity and just a spoonful of Americana that makes your favorite Indie movie feel like you’ve lived it yourself.  “I’m a hot mess dancing in refrigerator light, I can blow up in the colors of your favorite sports team if you like.” 

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