Bob Malmstrom – Punkens Framtid CD (Elitbolaget)

Bob Malmstrom - Punkens Framtid CD - Elitbolaget

For some reason, I always leave the best for last. It is the release from the Elitbolaget‘s batch, which arrived at our headquarters a couple of months ago. While I reviewed the remainder relatively fast, I somehow managed to put this one aside until I discovered it a couple of days ago. Thankfully, it will serve as perfect review material for this Saturday. Of course, you’re already familiar with these Finnish hardcore punks. Bob Malmstrom lurked on the scene for over a decade, and during that time, they released an impressive amount of brilliant releases. Also, I recently noticed they’ve been working on a new material, which I am sure will sound incredible like the remainder of their discography.

Punkens Framtid probably comes the closest to that recognizable Finnish/Swedish hardcore sound among all the Bob Malmstrom’s releases. Of course, their other releases also carry a decent amount of Finnish and Swedish hardcore punk, but it seems Punkens Framtid proudly represents those scenes with its crude, aggressive, fast sound. Bob Malmstorm incorporates a reasonable dosage of metal sound, but this time everything goes much more towards thrash metal and less towards black and death. Still, you will hear some growls here and there, but those vocal maneuvers fit nicely to the hardcore sonic background. They retain those metal aesthetics but more in terms of heaviness, speed and aggression.

This album contains everything you dearly love about Bob Malmstrom, and this material is unquestionably not for those looking out for mellow, melodic, commercial punk rock music. However, if you’re looking for raging, cleverly assembled riffs, vividly hearable basslines, powerful shoutouts, and fast-paced rhythmic acrobatics, Punkens Framtid will be a perfect choice for you. It’s impossible to stumble upon bad moments because these guys arranged thirteen tracks that carry excellent song structures. The most significant thing about Punkens Framtid is that every song is different, and there are no repetitious moments, but also these tracks work together harmoniously. Therefore, you won’t be bored while listening to this album. Give this album a chance, and you’ll be surprised by the sheer aggression enclosed in these thirteen raging hardcore punk compositions. Head over to Elitbolaget for more information about ordering.

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