Tracksuit - Area #51

Tracksuit – Area #51

Tracksuit - Area #51

Chapel Hill-based indie rock trio Tracksuit has treated us with another excellent piece of sonic artistry. Area #51 is a follow-up to the Shadow Box, their critically acclaimed full-length release, and their first piece of work after nearly four years. Tracksuit mainly embrace all the qualities of the indie rock genre. However, you will hear funky chord progressions, cleverly assembled warm-sounding basslines, and the rhythm segments that give dynamics and control to the remainder of the orchestrations. Other music genres are also lurking throughout the entire song, such as early to mid-eighties post-punk, the late eighties to early nineties power pop, and alternative rock. Still, the band simultaneously sounds modern enough to knock your socks off even if you’re not into indie rock music. They are one of those bands who dare to experiment with the sound and shapeshift the boundaries of the beforementioned genre.

What I undoubtfully love about this track is the unique punchy, fuzzy, generously distorted sound of the electric guitar that gives something special to this composition. The fuzziness somehow works to the advantage of this particular track, even though Tracksuit are more into performing calmy, soothing, relaxing, nearly hypnotic indie rock tracks. Area 51 will also be a treat for those listeners paying attention to the low-end tones because the bass guitar player pulls some impressive tricks from the sleeves throughout the entire song. Perhaps the drumming will sound simplistic to some listeners, but if you pay close attention, you’ll notice all the accentuations over the hi-hat, ride cymbal, and even some hand claps that are spicing things up a little bit more. Not to forget the drumming segments where snare beats become even more complex. Tracksuit paid a lot of attention to vocal lines as well. You’ll hear how the lead and background vocalists sing along in harmony. That one octave higher really makes the difference during the choruses.

Besides the emotional, meaningful, poetic, cleverly written lyrics about the death of the loved one, Tracksuit also wisely arranged Area #51 by avoiding all the cliches that other indie rock bands incorporated all the time. Somehow, these musicians paid more attention while assembling the song structure, working on the beats, chord progressions, riffs, basslines, vocal lines, and lyrics. You can unquestionably feel these guys invested heart and soul into the song. Don’t miss the chance to hear Area #51. This song offers a new, improved, unique sound from one of the best indie bands in recent years. You’ll be surprised how much Tracksuit’s music differs from the remainder of the contemporary scene, and this song is more than an adequate example of their brilliance. Area #51 is available on all streaming services.





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