Skip Greig - Ennui

Quiet Tongues – Ennui

Skip Greig - Ennui

London alternative rock quartet Quiet Tongues have released a debut single today. Ennui showcases a tremendous experience of all four members, who offer nothing but excellent chants, melodies, harmonies, chord progressions, riffs, low-end tones, and rhythmic maneuvers. It’s one of those songs that gets immediately under your skin. It possesses that hypnotic, addictive, irresistible ambiance that enters your listening apparatus and refuses to leave. Although this is their debut number, Quite Tongues are one of those bands that nail as soon as they publish something, so Ennui will probably end up as one of your favorite tunes on your Spotify playlist.

Quiet Tongues
Photo by Skip Greig

Soundwise, Quiet Tongues explore the vast universe of alternative rock music, but there’s a catch. This group is not only into alternative rock music. Quite the contrary, they also include some properties of other music genres. Therefore, you’ll stumble upon some nineties rock, indie rock, alt and indie-pop. You’ll also notice some saucy funky maneuvers presented on the electric guitar, while the bass punches with some excellent, warm-sounding basslines from beneath. The flawless drumming performance supplies this song with enough dynamics and energy, so you’ll solely enjoy it from scratch to finish. Ennui is available for listening on all streaming platforms. Don’t miss this one.






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