The_Meskimo – The Brothers McKenna Drop Out

The_Meskimo - The Brothers McKenna Drop Out

US psych-rock artist The_Meskimo has recently released a new track. The Brothers McKenna Drop Out pays homage to Terrence and Dennis McKenna, mostly known for their medical studies of the benefits of psychedelics in treating numerous mental health issues. The Brothers McKenna Drop Out is the ninth composition in a row from the series of singles launched in 2021 and the first number this year. Like previous tracks, this one also delves deep into the psychedelic rock aesthetics by combining only the best properties of the genre. However, The_Meskimo doesn’t stop there. Quite the contrary, the artist expands possibilities by incorporating elements of space rock, art rock, stoner rock, and alternative rock.


Soundwise, The Brothers McKenna Drop Out mainly explores the vast universe of the seventies psychedelic rock. You’ll be blown away by the progressive synth leads, keys, and other sonic maneuvers that characterized the modular synthesis of that era. A layer of harmonious, melodic ambient leads occasionally lurks beneath these synthy maneuvers, while the bass guitar gives more than necessary low-end support. Of course, nothing would sound organized, dynamic, and energetic without an excellent drumming performance that offers equally progressive rhythmic acrobatics. The Brothers McKenna Drop Out is an excellent progressive rock composition with many ear-appealing moments that will force you to explore the rest of The_Meskimo‘s catalog. The single is available for listening to on all streaming platforms.

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