Frances Baker – Soulful Baby

Frances Baker - Soulful Baby

Boston-based bedroom pop artist Frances Baker has released a new song today. Soulful Baby is her fifth single in a row from the series of singles launched in 2021 and the third standalone composition this year. Besides all these singles, Frances Baker also released a self-titled EP a while ago. The artist continues at the same pace and with the same aesthetics involved in her previous works. Besides the sheer dominance of bedroom pop, you may also notice how similar subgenres like dream pop, indie pop, and classic pop have inspired this talented artist to write, compose and record another ear-appealing song.

Frances Baker
Photo by Phoebe Fox

Frances Baker offers a soulful, heartful, confident vocal performance that perfectly goes with a calmy pop ambiance that this composition unquestionably carries from scratch to finish. The song structure, arrangements, and orchestrations resemble something that r’n’b greats would eventually record during their careers. Still, Baker solely relies upon that nearly dreamy, catchy, hypnotic, soothing indie-pop melody drenched into a decent amount of studio reverb. The artist embraces contemporary and retro sonic maneuvers to paint brighter sonic imagery. Soulful Baby will suit anyone looking for cleverly assembled bedroom pop songs. The single is available for listening to on all streaming platforms.

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