Bob Malmstrom – Vi Kommer I Krig CD (Elitbolaget / Playground Music)

Bob Malmstrom - Vi Kommer I Krig CD - Elitbolaget / Playground Music

Now it’s time for some Finnish hardcore punk music. It’s been a while since I talked about Bob Malmstrom, and I recently found out there are a couple of CDs Elitbolaget sent me for review, but somehow I managed to put them onto the “covered release” shelf at our headquarters. Thankfully, I realized that today, so let’s talk about their Vi Kommer I Krig. It is their full-length album released in 2016, and I was completely unaware of it until now. As you probably know, Bob Malmstrom are entirely into hardcore punk music, but this release differs in aesthetics. At first, it’s nearly unnotable detail, but you’ll hear something different if you compare it to their other releases.

Vi Kommer I Krig sounds more raw, abrasive, dirtier, and fuzzier than their other recordings, but it also carries some other qualities. This album possesses a mellower, melodic, anthemic side that’s hearable during the choruses in particular compositions. Bob Malmstrom are also known for flirting with thrash metal, d-beat, and crust punk music, but this material leans much more towards streetpunk, punk rock, garage rock, and rock’n’roll. I have to admit I am positively surprised by their decision to implement some other subgenres because the entire album sounds incredible. The band retained the hardcore punk essence, but there are more moments where the band gives more space for anthemic singalongs, garage rock riffs, and solos.

These guys paid a lot more attention while working on song structures, arrangements, orchestrations, accentuations, and other details that define the excellent hardcore punk tracks. Maybe this is just another hardcore punk full-length release, but it unquestionably differs from many albums released in 2016. Sure, you will notice that familiar Bob Malmstrom signature moves. There are fast-paced rhythmic acrobatics, excellent riffs, basslines, aggressive shoutouts, and singalongs, but this album somehow stands out with its ideas, production, and experimentations with other subgenres. Vi Kommer I Krig sounds much heavier and volumed up compared to the remainder of Bob Malmstrom’s discography. The album comes with a hefty booklet that carries all the information about the band, lyrics, lyric translations, and everything else you need to know about this release. I am not sure if Vi Kommer I Krig is still available, so head over to Elitbolaget for more information about ordering.

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