The Dreaded Laramie – Everything A Girl Could Ask 7″ (Engineer Records / Sell The Heart Records / Wiretap Records)

The Dreaded Laramie - Everything A Girl Could Ask 7" - Engineer Records / Sell The Heart Records / Wiretap Records

A new batch of records arrived thanks to our friends at Engineer Records. I have to say this set of releases is a bit unique in terms of aesthetics and sound. It’s more indie than punk rock batch, so it perfectly suits this lazy weekend. The first band I picked today was The Dreaded Laramie and their picture 7″ single called Everything A Girl Could Ask. Although the band has previously released some recordings, such as the self-titled EP and Daffodils & Love, I have to admit that I haven’t listened to their music before. Of course, as usual, I made a big mistake by not checking them out any time sooner because this band unquestionably sounds good.

The sound of The Dreaded Laramie comes as a breath of fresh air, and Everything A Girl Could Ask 7″ proves my point. You’ll solely enjoy tracks like Archipelago, Tell Me, and Where Do The Hardcore Kids Go if you’re profoundly into indie rock or indie-pop music. Still, it seems these musicians come from a punk rock scene, so you may notice some segments where their music resonates with some properties of pop-punk sound. Of course, there are some power pop maneuvers included, so their music will represent such a for any true indie or power pop fan. This 7″ vinyl record also proves how indie music has come a long way from the eighties till today in terms of evolving, reshaping, and refreshing the genre.

Maybe these songs will sound too mellow to some listeners, but that’s the point of this 7″. It’s not an album for you if you demand some heavier music. Quite the contrary, The Dreaded Laramie explores the vast indie universe, built upon beautiful melodies, calmy harmonies, soothing semi-distorted riffs, moderate rhythmic sequences, and flawlessly performed chants. The band cleverly assembled each song to resonate with cheerful vibes, so if you’re looking out for some sad songs, Everything A Girl Could Ask will not be up your alley. However, if you’re looking out for some happy songs about relationships, this 7″ will be the perfect choice for you. The only problem I have with this 7″ is the length. This release would be even better if the band threw in more songs, but if we put that aside, Everything A Girl Could Ask is a perfect indie record. The 7″ is available for purchase at Engineer Records, Sell The Heart Records, and Wiretap Records.

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