Beyond The Veil – Burn The Page

Beyond The Veil - Burn The Page

After the outstanding debut single, Riverside industrial metal trio Beyond The Veil returns with another colossal slab of well-articulated, flawlessly assembled, ear-appealing noise. Burn The Page comes as a proper continuation of Nightmare Of Mensis, which served as an introductory piece to Beyond The Veil‘s sound. It seems this particular composition leans much more towards industrial metal and dark ambient music. However, that doesn’t mean Burn The Page lacks heaviness. Quite the contrary, this number carries enough aggression and dynamics that serve as a perfect contrast to the calmer, industrial metal segments.

Beyond The Veil

Beyond The Veil thoroughly planned each sonic maneuver while writing, composing, and recording Burn The Page, and you’ll immediately notice that. You’ll instantly fall in love with their dark ambiance, various industrial movements, heavy riffs, hard-hitting beats, and powerful lead vocals. Besides the sheer dominance of industrial metal, you’ll notice some other sonic ingredients like death metal, metalcore, alternative metal, goth rock, and electronic music. Still, Beyond The Veil like to experiment a lot, and you may hear some other elements borrowed from experimental and avant-garde music. The band invested heart and soul into Burn The Page, and their effort unquestionably paid off. The single is available for listening on all streaming services.

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