Hendricks The Hatmaker – Slightly Dangerous CD EP

Hendricks The Hatmaker - Slightly Dangerous CD EP

It’s time for some more folk music. You probably caught up with two previous reviews I wrote about Hendricks The Hatmaker releases. The band sent their latest EP alongside the beforementioned releases, so now it’s time to write a couple of lines about it. For those who missed my previous writings, Hendricks The Hatmaker is an excellent Swiss trio inspired by many music genres, but they keep folk music close to their hearts. The group previously released a couple of recordings, such as Songs For The Confured EP and a full-length named Mostly Harmless. After the three-year break, Hendricks The Hatmaker return with new recordings, set for release on June 3rd.

Slightly Dangerous is a collection of six songs taken from Mostly Harmless, reworked, and recorded again. If you expected some folk-rock aesthetics heard on their previous recordings, then forget about it. The band decided to shapeshift sound over again, so their tracks now resonate with more punk rock. Therefore, Hendricks The Hatmaker are more of a folk-punk than folk-rock band right now. Some readers might say that’s not a big deal, but believe me, there are many things that the band changed since their previous recording. I have to admit that I fell in love with their older recordings, but this change really made a positive difference for the group. Their decision to rework these songs and present them to the crowd is a wise move that will possibly gather some new fans who love the heavier, aggressive, dynamic folk-punk sound.

It’s mindblowing how a couple of changes can reshape everything. These songs possessed a calmer, relaxing, soothing atmosphere that many true fans of folk-rock would appreciate. Slightly Dangerous delivers more of a street punk, classic punk rock, and folk-punk vibes. The regular folk maneuvers, melodies, harmonies, and rhythmic acrobatics are still there, but this time, crunch distortion replaced the soothing sounds of acoustic guitar. Still, the acoustic guitar is still present in the mix, and it works so well with the beforementioned distortion. The band also decided it would be a good idea to palm mute some verses, so the aggressive shoutouts could get more exposure. It’s a clever idea that gives more depth to this material and emphasizes how the band changed some arrangements.

Of course, the remainder of the instruments is present in the mix. The sound engineer drenched the bass guitar right beneath the guitars, but you’ll still have the chance to hear all the pleasant low-end tones that give more groove to this release. The drumming performance is excellent as ever. The musician behind the drum kit understands all the needs of a folk-punk band, and you’ll undoubtedly enjoy his performance. Besides excellent, semi-distorted lead vocals, you’ll hear flawlessly performed background vocals and singalongs. Hendricks The Hatmaker thought about everything, so Slightly Dangerous sounds like a proper comeback of an excellent band. The EP is set for release on June 3rd, so keep your eyes peeled on their Bandcamp and social media pages for more information about ordering.

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