Deadends – Rebel Songs In Minor Key LP (Fond Of Life Records)

Deadends - Rebel Songs In Minor Key LP - Fond Of Life Records

Today, we have another brilliant full-length release on our pages. I have to admit I awaited this one with anticipation since I spoke with the members of the band via email. I was excited to listen to the entire material and write some words about it, but also, I was curious how the remainder of the album would sound alike, considering I just heard a couple of tunes. After thoroughly listening to the Rebel Songs In Minor Key by Deadends, I can only conclude that remainder sounds even better than those songs presented as the introductory singles. They understand how contemporary melodic punk rock should sound nowadays, so they applied all their knowledge while writing, composing, recording, and producing their latest material.

Rebel Songs In Minor Key possesses everything you ever needed from a melodic punk rock band. It’s a comprehensive collection of cleverly arranged and soulfully performed tracks that differ in tempo, dynamics, and aggression. Besides perfect song structures, wise arrangements, various accentuations, and other building blocks, Deadends thought about all the orchestrations included within these eleven numbers. Therefore, you’ll be blown away by the sheer amount of ear-appealing melodies, equally brilliant harmonies, themes, basslines, and rhythmic maneuvers. Each segment of every song resonates with ultimate power, but there’s enough room for calmer parts, so these songs breathe with some special ambiance. Deadends balanced every composition till reaching perfection that defines Rebel Songs In Minor Key. The best part of this full-length release is the fact that you will solely enjoy this material no matter if you’re into skate punk, melodic punk rock, melodic hardcore, pop-punk, easy core, or indie. It’s so damn good you will include it in your daily playlist.

The semi-distorted lead vocals come as a cherry on the top that decorates this full-length album even more with another dosage of harmonies and melodies. These chants offer an energetic performance that leaves the impression of sincerity and importance about all the topics covered through these songs. Still, somehow there’s a notion lurking in the air that this vocal performance provides a dosage of calmness in some entirely unexplainable manner. The background vocals are higher for approximately one octave, so the tiniest segments in verses or choruses sound even more harmonious. Rebel Songs In Minor Key comes in a standard record sleeve decorated with the photo of autumn leaves at the front while the album title floats at the center. The album is available on standard black or Cristallo and black marble vinyl variants, so head over to the Deadends Bandcamp page or Fond Of Life Records for more information about ordering. This album is surely something you don’t want to miss if you’re profoundly into flawlessly performed melodic punk rock music.

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