Hendricks The Hatmaker – Mostly Harmless LP

Hendricks The Hatmaker - Mostly Harmless LP

The weekend has come, and it’s time for some more folk-rock music on our pages. As I promised before, I am continuing with examining Lucerne’s finest folk-rockers Hendricks The Hatmaker, so their second full-length release is up to the test today. If you paid close attention to our pages this week, I covered Songs For The Confused, a tremendous debut release that sounds incredible from scratch to finish. Mostly Harmless, their second album, continues at the same pace and with the same intensity as its predecessor, but it also delivers some innovations in the sound of the band. Hendricks The Hatmaker spent nearly three years working on the second album, and the progress is unquestionably hearable from beginning to end.

Mostly Harmless serves as another collection of this Swiss folk-rock band who picked eleven excellent compositions for this particular occasion. Hendricks The Hatmaker went more folky, bluesy, and indie and this style suit them well. It also seems that Mostly Harmless carries a much calmer ambiance than its predecessor, which will be suitable for those listeners who’re not entirely into folk-rock sound. Maybe this material could serve as a perfect introductory piece to those newbies in the genre who’re curious enough to hear some fresh music. Mostly Harmless possesses enough brilliant tunes to become your go-to record when you crave folk-rock music the most. It’s a soulful recording performed by the musicians who love this genre with their hearts and souls. You’ll immediately hear that once you decide to spin this vinyl record.

Besides some classic instruments like guitar, bass, and drums, Hendricks The Hatmaker also incorporated mandolin, accordion, and violin. Therefore, the sound is luxurious, rich, and ear-appealing in every song included on this epic folk-rock journey. The band also thought about the vocals, so you’ll notice choirs, singalongs, background vocals, and lead vocals. Hendricks The Hatmaker invested so many ideas while assembling these songs. It’s notable that song structures, arrangements, and accentuations are playing significant, if not equal parts as the performance of every involved musician. Besides excellent performance, Hendricks The Hatmaker included clever lyricism with profound meaning. Mostly Harmless uplifts the genre on an entirely new level, and you should pick up this vinyl immediately if you’re into the genre. Head over to Hendricks The Hatmaker Bandcamp page for more information about ordering. Also, keep an eye on their social media pages because the band is preparing some new recordings.

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