E-PO – Mother

E-PO - Mother

Birmingham alternative rock quartet E-PO has released a debut single. The band has been inspired by the greats of the genre, such as Paramore, Nothing But Thieves, The Runaways, and Against The Current, so you can expect nothing but a cleverly assembled number that combines energetic performance and generous servings of melodies and harmonies. Besides the sheer dominance of contemporary alternative rock, E-PO also combines the heaviness of post-hardcore, the energy of punk rock, the abrasiveness of grunge, and the attitude of the riot grrrl movement. These elements define the sound of these exceptional musicians who unquestionably know their direction right from the start. Of course, not the mention the outstanding quality of their debut single, which is hearable from scratch to finish.

E-PO - Mother

E-PO handle all the aforementioned genres pretty damn well, but it seems that alternative rock is their primary weapon of choice. The elements of post-hardcore and modern punk rock are giving more than necessary support to excellent melodic chants. The riffs, basslines, and rhythmic segments keep everything even more energetic and aggressive. Therefore, you’ll love the sound of E-PO if the modern alternative rock is something you dearly love. Mother is available for listening on all streaming platforms. Also, give them a follow on social media because E-PO plan to release more tunes in the near future.

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