UFO Över Lappland - Spökraketer CD - Burnt Toast Vinyl

UFO Över Lappland – Spökraketer CD (Burnt Toast Vinyl)

UFO Över Lappland - Spökraketer CD - Burnt Toast Vinyl

We have some instrumental music today as well. It is one of those releases I waited for with anticipation since I heard a couple of tracks about a month ago. Finally, a compact disc arrived a couple of days ago, and now it’s time to dive deep into the matter. I have to admit I wasn’t familiar with UFO Över Lappland‘s music before. It wasn’t a difficult task to do because Spökraketer is their debut full-length release. Anyways, the only important thing about this album is that sounds so damn good and that UFO Över Lappland is something you should need to put on your check-out list immediately. These guys are not joking around, and Spökraketer is more than a solid proof of my statement.

UFO Över Lappland is not yet another regular band that solely explores the depths of instrumental rock music. At least, that’s the impression they left on me while I was listening to their debut full-length. It could be another overly praised instrumental rock album for inexperienced ears, but believe me, Spökraketer hides so many sonic wonders that you will need to pay close attention to while listening. Their combination of instrumental and post-rock aesthetics do wonders for the listening apparatus. It’s one of those albums that carries so many rhythmic maneuvers, cleverly assembled basslines, various virtuosities performed on guitars, and addictive synths. After putting everything aside, these qualities don’t spoil the easy-listening experience, which is crucial while listening to rock music that lacks vocal support. UFO Över Lappland unquestionably thought about that while writing, composing, recording, and producing these songs, and that’s vividly hearable from scratch to finish.

These four compositions act as separate stories that start from gentle, laid-back, minimalistic instrumentations but gradually become a colossal slab of harmonious orchestrations that carry a nearly cathartic ambiance. The number of experimentations, synthy atmospherics, melodies, harmonies, chord progressions, riffs, various maneuvers, virtuosities, and other sonic delicacies is nearly mindblowing. Still, UFO Över Lappland somehow manages to surprise the listener even more. Besides the sheer dominance of instrumental and post-rock, you may hear how UFO Över Lappland incorporates generous servings of space rock, krautrock, and psychedelic rock. However, prepare your ears because you may find other genres lurking in the background. Everything is possible while listening to these experienced musicians who, without any doubt, managed to release an outstanding instrumental rock album that will keep your attention from beginning to end. The album is available on vinyl, compact disc, and all streaming services via Burnt Toast Vinyl. I highly advise you to purchase a vinyl record because Spökraketer deserves to be part of your vinyl collection.





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