Track By Track: Pulley – The Golden Life LP

Photo By Stijn Daenens

Pulley will release their new studio album on May 13, 2022, via SBÄM Records. Scott Radinsky, a lead vocalist and frontman of the band, breaks down The Golden Life LP track by track exclusively for Thoughts Words Action.

Repeat Offender: Opening track packed with power and whoa’s, one of the earlier songs written for the record and kept getting batter as we rehearsed it, so far it’s been a choice for the live set…

Lonely: A song written about many different people involved in the world of corporate hell, different lines are about different people and their dark shady personal secrets…

Wake Up: A mid tempo song going back and forth between people asking questions of self evaluation, closing themselves off to the world while guarding themselves from others and wondering if reinventing or restarting the fire would be a way to trust….

Two Winds: Someone telling their story about being confused to what the future could hold, melodic and catchy with a sing along chorus bringing the hope for change…

Align The Planets: Started off as an acoustic Spanish riff that turned into a song you’d hear with a 50 ft swell at steamers lane. A lot of things go wrong in this world and in order to get them back on track we need to align the planets first….

Northbound: Staying positive and making our way through any sort of obstacle that can get in the way, always finding the best out of something and believing good can happen.

Sad Song: Still trying to figure out this one myself, this song can take you anywhere you want it to, I think it can relate to a lot of different sections so the listener can let it bring you to a happy or sad place….

Golden Life: Ripping off the future from the art of discovery, youth that have seen only negative and trying to bring them back to the golden age, how the world of modern technology both good and bad has distorted our vision to think clear at times…

Frances: About a girl

Dust Off The Dreams: We are all in this together, can we dust off our dreams to make them a reality? Up to us,, a reminder that each and every person has an obligation to contribute to this planet something and in the end we will leave our mark, hopefully productive…

Transmigration: Started off as a tribute to the big cheese, a guy who sold acid out of his motor home, twisted thoughts of what it’s like to wake up and survive in a rat race fast-paced world, the constant search for the souls we all have deep down inside and how to use it, liquid or blotter.

California: Where we’re from, live, and most likely will die….

Pulley is an American punk rock band from Simi Valley, California. Shortly after forming in 1995, the group signed to Epitaph Records. Over the next ten years, with the backing of the influential Los Angeles based independent label, the band issued five full length records, helping to build a cult following of supportive fans.

As time went on, Pulley members, Scott Radinsky (vocals), Mike Harder (guitar), and Tyler Rebbe (bass), continued to tour and release new music regularly, eventually adding longtime friends Trey Clinesmith on guitar and Sean Sellers on drums.

In 2019, after more than two decades performing live, both nearby and in some of the further reaches the planet, Pulley was honored to be inducted into the Ventura County Music Hall of Fame.

Pre-order / pre-save “The Golden Life” via SBÄM Records.

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