Jamila & The Other Heroes – Sit El Kon (The Grandmother Of The Universe) LP (Springstoff)

Jamila & The Other Heroes - Sit El Kon (The Grandmother Of The Universe) LP - Springstoff

Here’s some more uncommon music to brighten up your day. At least, it’s uncommon for these pages, and there are chances you’ll love this band a lot. I guess this is the last vinyl record from the batch sent by Springstoff, and I saved this one because it stood out among the remainder. Perhaps Jamila & The Other Heroes are based in Berlin, but this band is more of a multicultural and international phenomenon. Jamila and a couple of other members are from East and West Germany, while the remainder of the group comes from Palestine, Syria, and Poland. Therefore, you can expect nothing more than a clash of
different cultures, but in a harmonious, pleasant, entertaining way.

Sit El Kon (The Grandmother Of The Universe) is a debut full-length release by this unique band. Soundwise, many things lurk around from scratch to finish, and it’s nearly impossible to classify this release with just one music genre. Jamila & The Other Heroes explore the fundamentals of psychedelic rock, experimental rock, funk, ethno, and world music, but the fun doesn’t stop there. Maybe you’ll discover some other genres roaming in the mix, and no matter which one you pick, you will not be mistaken. The band equally pays attention to the instrumental segments as it pays to the parts when Jamila’s powerful, confident, crystal clear voice comes to focus.

Jamila & The Other Heroes continuously levitate between world music/ethno and psych-funk sound while cleverly borrowing some properties from the other genres, which will enhance their songs. The band incorporates a lot of rock, but they moderately use semi-distorted guitars in their songs. Therefore, their music never sounds too much aggressive. Quite the contrary, distortion comes as another enhancement that accentuates particular segments of the songs. I only help out the remainder of the non-distorted instruments to shine even brighter in the mix. The sheer amount of ideas and excellent musicianship undoubtfully make this album even more appealing to the listening apparatus. Each composition enclosed within this vinyl release proves we’re dealing with experienced musicians from beginning to end. If world music-infused/psych rock-empowered funk music is something you dearly love, then this album will be right up your alley. You can purchase Sit El Kon (The Grandmother Of The Universe) on vinyl or CD via Springstoff.

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