Jacob's Fall - Escape The Gravity

Jacob’s Fall – Escape The Gravity

Jacob's Fall - Escape The Gravity

German rock quartet Jacob’s Fall recently released a new single, Escape The Gravity. It is a fresh take on a not-so-old track that appeared on their debut full-length release, The War We Miss. This particular version carries an improved, upgraded, full-band performance with a couple of tweaks in sound, arrangements, ambiance, and production. Of course, the composition exceeds all the expectations compared to the original version. It is due to the involvement of the entire band, and the ideas naturally progressed over the years. Escape The Gravity was a perfect closure to their full-length album before, but with improved sound, it could easily be an opening track.

Jacob's Fall - Escape The Gravity

For those listeners who stumble upon this band for the first time, Jacob’s Fall nurtures a specific sound that combines several complementary genres. It is a cleverly arranged mixture of alternative, goth rock, post-rock, and post-metal, with a couple of other genres lurking around along the way. Somehow, Escape The Gravity easily gets into your ears with its half-step tempos, heavy riffs, perfect harmonies, catchy melodies, and deep gothy chants. It possesses many qualities, and the band did an incredible job by reworking this song so it could shine even brighter. Escape The Gravity is available for listening to on all streaming services.





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