Rula Savira – Villains EP

Photo By Abdul Razzak Jauhar

Indonesian emo/pop-punk artist Rula Savira recently released a new single. Ghost Of You is her latest single that promotes a new extended play release. Villains EP contains five compositions that burst with several complementary genres. Still, her admiration of emo and pop-punk scenes, Game Of Thrones, and Taylor Swift’s songwriting remain a primary source of inspiration. Besides the sheer dominance of contemporary pop-punk and emo sound, you’ll notice closely similar genres like indie rock, indie pop, dream pop, classic pop, and cinematic ambiance lurking around from scratch to finish. The entire material is thoughtfully written, composed, recorded, arranged, and produced, so you’ll hear every chant, note, and beat delivered by this talented singer/songwriter.

Rula Savira
Photo By Abdul Razzak Jauhar

The introductory single and entire EP continuously levitate between retro and contemporary sound. Still, the quality presented in these compositions satisfies trends in music production and keeps Villains close to the present scene. Rula Savira’s crystal clear voice enhances these compositions, which unquestionably differ in mood and ambiance. Different styles presented on Villains EP showcase how versatile singer/songwriter Rula Savira is, but these tracks also go altogether. If you’re looking for some modern music, you should check out her work. You can check out Ghost In You or Villains on all streaming platforms.






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