Koalra - When The Dust Settles

Koalra – When The Dust Settles

Koalra - When The Dust Settles

Chicago-based band Koalra has released a brand new single today. When The Dust Settles is the title track and their fourth composition in the row from a series of singles that promote the new full-length release. Koalra nurtures a unique sound that it’s not so easy to define with simplistic classifications into just one music genre. Perhaps darkwave comes to mind at first, but there’s certainly more than meets the eye. The band also admires styles such as dream pop and shoegaze. So you’ll hear reverby, echoic, delayed melodies, harmonies, chord progressions, and ambiances in this track. Still, they don’t stop there, and there’s always more.


Koalra thought outside the box and added even more ingredients to their already luxurious sound. You’ll hear how genres like post-punk, grunge, garage rock, psychedelic rock, and indie rock inspired these guys in sonically decorating When The Dust Settles. It’s nearly mind-blowing how many music styles they involved in this track. There’s no doubt in my mind that some readers would think it is way too much to handle, but believe me, Koalra know what they’re doing. The way these chants, harmonies, and melodies are working together in harmony is almost divine, and you’ll love it. When The Dust Settles is available for listening on all streaming platforms.






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