GlueHorse - Scrage EP

GlueHorse – Scrage EP

GlueHorse - Scrage EP

It’s been a while since I wrote something about noise rock music on these pages. Somehow other genres got on the way, but there are plenty of new noise rock releases to discover on the web. New bands are popping from every part of the globe, and I am glad this genre is gaining popularity once again. About a month ago, I got an email from GlueHorse, an English noise rock quartet from Bristol. I was eager to hear their tunes, so the guys sent their debut EP. The band previously released some demo recordings, available for listening on the Bandcamp page, but for now, let’s talk about their debut CD EP a little bit more.

Scrage contains five compositions fully packed with chaos, aggression, tension, and anger. GlueHorse nurtures such a specific sound incomparable to any other band on the scene. Instead of heading towards heavier, abrasive, generously distorted waters, the band practices a post-punk approach over their music. Still, you may notice some vividly recognizable maneuvers previously popular among the bands who lurked the scene during the eighties and nineties. These sonic maneuvers unquestionably define GlueHorse’s place on the contemporary noise rock scene, but somehow their debut EP sounds fresh and unique. It’s not easy to detect what makes their music to stand out from the vast sea of fellow noise rock bands.

Scrage, without any doubt, showcases four profoundly creative musicians who possess all the tools of the trade to assemble excellent tunes. Each number comes with superb structure, arrangements, accentuations, energy, dynamics, and other elements that define great tracks within the noise rock genre. Of course, you may find a lot of post-punk, post-hardcore, grunge, alternative, and indie rock along the way, but GlueHorse keep their tunes in noise rock circles as much as possible. After all, maybe you won’t even notice elements of other genres involved in some tracks. It nearly blows my mind how some compositions go deep into avant-garde, experimental, or even harsh noise music, but the rhythm keeps them in line. Maybe all these experimentations were planned or unplanned, but GlueHorse captured the moment of sheer creativeness with these five songs, and you’ll love Scrage a lot if you’re deeply into the genre. Scrage comes on a compact disc, so head over to GlueHorse’s Bandcamp page for more information about ordering.






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