Suzi Moon Releases Video For New Single

Suzi Moon - Animal

The incomparable SUZI MOON has released her second single “Animal,” the title track to her upcoming EP and the follow-up to her critically acclaimed release “Call The Shots.” The EP is now available on Pirates Press Records’ webstore.

The video for “Animal” shows the fierceness and fire that Moon brings to her music and live performance. It’s raw, gritty, and turbocharged with Moon’s unabashed presence. There’s no sugarcoating in this song – this is Moon at her most confident. “I chose the title Animal for the new EP because it best represents the overall feel of the record and the energy that I am currently aligning with. ‘Call The Shots’ was my first step into the world as a solo artist, and it was scary for me. I was saying “I can call the shots” – but my confidence was still shaky. I was hyping myself up at that point. Covid anxiety and the forced time off from performing live definitely played a part. A year later and I am ready to eat you alive if ya know what I mean! My focus is laser-sharp… I feel like an animal hunting its prey,” Moon remarks.

The video for “Animal” follows up the release of the first single “Gold Record Autograph” – which set the tone for what fans to expect on this new EP: massive rock ‘n roll tunes that make you want to turn it up to 11.

“Animal” was produced by Kurt Reil (credits include The Grip Weeds, The Smithereens) and showcases Moon’s sharp-tongued lyrics with catchy hooks and melodies while incorporating Moon’s vast influences. “This was also our first time working with producer/engineer Kurt Riel, who really became that cliched “5th member” of the group. Kurt is an incredibly talented artist in his own right, and his 60’s pop rock n’ roll roots perfectly merged with our classic ‘77 punk rock spirit,” says Moon.

Not even Covid could stop Moon and her unrelenting work ethic. During the pandemic, Moon still stayed the course to make sure the EP got done. “Drew Champion, Sean Peterson, and Patti Bo have become my family and they are the players that my music needed to really come alive,” remarks Moon.

For Moon, “Animal” is more than just an EP title or an homage to Lou Reed – it’s a mindset that Moon embodies in her music. One night Moon was fantasizing about playing a large festival and began writing the song when she saw her cat, Savage, sleeping on the couch. “One second they are purring as you pet them, the next they flip over and give you a playful (and sometimes painful!) bite to let you know they don’t want to be touched anymore. They always follow their instincts and are fiercely independent. As the song developed, it became clear to me that I wasn’t writing about cats anymore, but using it as a metaphor about being a woman,” Moon remarks.

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