Raising The Roof: Booze & Glory Announce New EP

Booze & Glory - Raising The Roof

Booze & Glory are back with another set of supercharged songs for us to play over and over again. “Raising The Roof” is the latest EP from these flagbearers of modern Oi!. The EP is now available for pre-order on Pirates Press Records’ webstore and will be available in local record stores on May 20th, 2022.

The band has already released two tracks from the EP – “Raising The Roof” and “Betrayed” with the other two to be released in the coming weeks leading up to the release of the EP.

This album really makes you feel like the world hasn’t changed, somehow. This band has changed though, albeit subtly. Punk hasn’t really changed though. The reason why you love punk, and the reason why this band matters, and why we all love them so much is exemplified by the four tracks on this record, absolutely!

These songs ring true, speak volumes, and show why this band is so important to a musical movement with such a diverse yet globally unified social fabric.

The EP is now available for pre-order on Pirates Press Records’ webstore and will be available worldwide on May 20th, 2022.

Catch Booze & Glory on tour:

02/24/2022 – Cordenons, Italy – ROCK TOWN
02/25/2022 – Magenta, Italy – XO Magenta
02/26/2022 – Turin, Italy – Blah Blah
02/27/2022 – Lucca, Italy – Sempre Piu In Alto A.S.D.
03/03/2022 – San Clemente, Italy – Lizard Club
03/04/2022 – Pescara, Italy – Scumm
03/05/2022 – Villaggio Roma, Italy – TBC
03/06/2022 – Vicenza, Italy – Bocciodromo Vicenza
6/25/2022 – Katowice, Poland – P23
10/07-08/2022 – Oakland, CA – Crash Fest
11/03/2022 – Torre-pacheco, Spain – The Garage
11/04/2022 – Campo Pequeno, Portugal – TBC
11/05/2022 – La Coruna, Spain – Mardi Gras
11/06/2022 – Oviedo, Spain – GONG Galaxy Club
11/08/2022 – Madrid, Spain – Sala Copernico
11/09/2022 – Zaragoza, Spain – Sala Lopez
11/10/2022 – Valencia, Spain – Sala Rock City
11/11/2022 – Badalona, Spain – Estraperlo
11/12/2022 – Tafalla, Spain – Sala Kube
11/13/2022 – Valladolid, Spain – Sala Porta Caeli
11/19/2022 – Wroclaw, Poland – Strary Klasztor – Sala Gotycka

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