Big Troppy – Always On Out Minds

Big Troppy - Always On Out Minds

English indie punk group Big Troppy recently released a new single. Always On Our Minds is their third single that announces the upcoming debut EP release and the second single this year. As soon as you press play, you’ll notice that the band showcases admiration towards indie and punk rock sound, but some other music genres are lurking around in the mix as well. Besides these two dominant elements, Big Troppy incorporates the elements of skater rock, pop-punk, power pop, alternative rock, and rock’n’roll. Therefore, Always On Our Minds carries qualities borrowed from so many complementary subgenres of rock music, but in the end, it sounds compact, fresh, and unique.

Big Troppy

Always On Our Minds unquestionably stands out with some catchy, cheerful, energetic punk rock riffs. However, these riffs are not the only quality of this band. Big Troppy paid a lot of attention to the lead vocal lines, singalongs, and the rhythm section as well, so the entire song could operate as the singular sonic organism. Their admiration towards many music subgenres unquestionably played a significant role while assembling this track. Therefore, Always On Our Minds offers a unique listening experience that will probably indulge those listeners into melodic punk rock the most. Always On Our Minds is available for listening on all streaming services.

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