Chasing Shadows

Light Up The Sky: Chasing Shadows Recently Released A New Single

Chasing Shadows

UK-based alternative rock quartet Chasing Shadows recently released a new composition. Light Up The Sky is their tenth single from the series of singles launched in 2017 and the first single this year. This number comes as a proper continuation of their previous works, but it also shines even brighter because of the various innovations, enhancements, and ideas implemented during the writing process. Right with the initial beats of this ear-appealing song, you’ll notice that Chasing Shadows invested tremendous ideas, excellent musicianship, and a lot of effort while writing, composing, recording, so there’s no slightest doubt you’ll immediately fall in love with this song.

Chasing Shadows

Light Up The Sky possesses all the qualities of the best alternative rock tunes. The band leans towards a contemporary sound, and the outstanding production is more than excellent proof of it. You’ll hear every chord, note, beat, and chant emitted by the band throughout the entire track. Besides flawless orchestrations, Chasing Shadows thought about song structure, arrangements, accentuations, and other details that define good tunes. This mixture of alternative, indie, and soft rock undoubtfully works in advantage of the band, which amazes with every new single. You can listen to the Light Up The Sky on all streaming services.






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