Small State Announce New Album With A Series Of Videos

Small State

The southwestern punk rock-outfit Small State is a family thing. Run by heart and driven by passion. For over two decades Small State is a Punkrock-Force to be reckoned with. Believing in the power of positivity and equality Small State is DIY, anti-fascist, pro-LGBTQIA+. During their long hiatus, Small State honed their craft, became better musicians and better human beings, grew fonder of each other, and matured in their mutual relationships. Writing and playing music is still the best thing in the world. Being able to still be in a band these days is a gift. The omnipresent pandemic took a huge toll on the whole music scene but also gave way for a thoughtful and decelerated writing process. With “Low Expectations” the upcoming third full-length record you can feel that the fire still burns in Small State.

Pre-order “Low Experctation” at Midsummer Records by clicking HERE

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