Cadavre De Schnaps - Unlearning By Doing CD EP - Barhill Records

Cadavre De Schnaps – Unlearning By Doing CD EP (Barhill Records)

Cadavre De Schnaps - Unlearning By Doing CD - Barhill Records

Recently I got another batch of CDs from Rookie Records, so it’s time for some German underground music. This time, I decided to start with Cadavre De Schnaps, mainly because I wasn’t familiar with their work. I am not going to lie, there’s a lot of things going on in their music, and I love it! Since its formation in 2015, Cadavre De Schnaps released two full-lengths, such as Let Bad Things Happen and Comedy. Each one of these recordings sounds superb, and it will represent such a treat to those listeners who’re profoundly into perfectly executed indie music. Still, this is not a classic indie rock you get used to. Quite the contrary, their music comes with so many surprises.

The signing to Barhill Records resulted in Unlearning By Doing, a new extended play that consists of five thoughtfully assembled songs. When I said that their music comes with so many surprises, I meant about intervening of other complementary genres throughout the entire material. It is not just plain and simple indie rock music you stumble upon every day. You may notice some post-hardcore, post-punk, alternative rock, or any other similar genre that pairs with indie rock aesthetics. Just add some weird melodies and harmonies over the top, and you got yourself innovative indie music that sounds fresh and unique. However, Cadavre De Schnaps are dosing that weirdness so the regular sonic maneuvers could breathe.

Therefore, Unlearning By Doing will apply to anyone. No matter if you’re into weird or classic aspects of indie rock, this material will suit you well. At particular moments, Cadavre De Schnaps reminded me of some bands from a Dischord Records roster, such as Fugazi, Antelope, Fire Party, or Autoclave. Still, that beforementioned dosage of weirdness makes a clear distinction between Cadavre De Schnaps and those Dischord bands. Cadavre De Schnaps remain in the calmer, ear-appealing waters where the classic crystal clean post-punk maneuvers stand out as one of the group’s primary weapons of choice. The remainder of the band also sounds good. There’s a lot of focus on warm-sounding basslines, which fulfill the gaps between chord progressions. The excellent drumming performance offers appropriate rhythmic support that keeps everything in line. The entire band sounds top-notch from scratch to finish.

Unlearning By Doing is undoubtfully one of the best indie releases this year, and Barhill Records nailed it by signing Cadavre De Schnaps to their roster. I am not sure if this release comes on compact disc only, but if there’s an option for you to grab a vinyl record, please do so. It’s well worth it. Head over to Barhill Records for more information about ordering this indie gem.






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