Yard Sale: Blanketman Shared New Single

Blanketman - Yard Sale

Blanketman shared a new single Yard Sale, their first new music of the year. It follows the recent single “The Signalman”, the two making up a new double A-side 7″ which is out now.

Vocalist Adam Hopper continues to mastermind a trove of indelible melodies, sitting them on top of the band’s boundless, energetic thrust. The 7″ double A-side sees the band using their significant songwriting powers to adapt and contort stories from literature. The 7″‘s first track “The Signalman” was inspired by the 1976 BBC television adaptation of Charles Dickens’ The Signal-Man, and new single “Yard Sale” takes its cues from American poet Raymond Carver. Lead vocalist and guitarist Adam Hopper had the following to say on it:

Written during the post- lockdown slump, Yard Sale depicts the strange encounter between a young couple and the mysterious homeowner in the short story “Why Don’t You Dance?” by Raymond Carver. Why is all his furniture out on the front lawn? What is he planning? Why does everyone end up dancing? This song doesn’t answer any of these questions.”

Buy the double A-side 7″ here and share “Yard Sale” on YouTube below.

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