Rotunda – Rotten To The Core CD

Rotunda - Rotten To The Core CD

Here’s another release by one of Birmingham’s finest punk rock bands. This particular release came alongside their latest extended play recording, which I wrote a couple of lines about a week or two ago. For those who missed my review about their Total Carnage EP or aren’t familiar with their activities, Rotunda is a longevous British streetpunk band. The band has been active for almost three decades and has plenty of recordings that deserve your utmost attention. As I said before, it’s such a shame there’s not more information about the band on the web, and it seems like Rotunda keeps their activities underground as much as possible.

Rotten To The Core is a full-length release by Rotunda that includes eleven energetic punk rock tunes performed in their recognizable manner. Despiting this material being nearly five years old, these tunes still sound fresh. Also, Rotten To The Core is probably the most melodic material by Rotunda so far, at least among the recordings I had the chance to listen to. Of course, that doesn’t mean there aren’t some aggressive tunes excluded from the album. Quite the contrary, Rotunda is probably one of the best punk rock groups when it comes to combining catchy melodies and pure aggression. Rotten To The Core is the best example of how these combinations could work when the band knows how to do it properly.

Besides being profoundly melodic, these songs also contain a lot of singalong choruses that give an even more anthemic atmosphere throughout the entire album. This style unquestionably suits these guys, who’re pros in what they’re doing. Also, the album perhaps leans more towards streetpunk than classic punk rock mainly because of these anthemic choruses, but Rotunda still keeps the sound base they’re widely known for. There’s not even one bad song included here. Everything sounds top-notch from scratch to finish, and the entire band gave 100% while writing, composing, recording, and producing this album. I truly believe Rotten To The Core is still available directly from the band, so head over to their social media pages for more information about ordering this streetpunk gem.

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