Catastrophe & Cure – Crack In The Pavement

Catastrophe & Cure - Crack In The Pavement

Vienna, Austria indie rock quintet Catastrophe & Cure recently released a new single. Cracks In The Pavement is their highly anticipated new release that comes after a two-year break. For this particular single, Catastrophe & Cure teamed up with a very talented singer Katrin Paucz, whose beautiful voice furthermore enhances this ear-appealing piece of indie rock artistry. Crack In The Pavement proves why Catastrophe & Cure are one of the top bands on the indie rock scene. This particular song showcases all the ideas, talent, skills, and musicianship of a band that always surprises with superb tunes.

Catastrophe & Cure

Crack In The Pavement bursts with the late eighties, early nineties indie, and alternative rock vibes. However, you may notice some indie and dream pop sonic maneuvers along the way as well. This song stands out from the vast universe of indie songs mainly because of the outstanding dual vocals. Both female and male vocal performances are equally important, and it’s nearly mindblowing how these chants pair in the mix. The guitars burst with characteristic indie rock chord progressions that define the direction of the entire composition. This number wouldn’t be massive without cleverly assembled basslines, which are also fulfilling the guitar performance with ear-appealing low-end tones. Excellent drumming performance keeps everything in line with moderate rhythmic maneuvers, accentuations, and fills. Crack In The Pavement sounds top-notch from scratch to finish, and you’ll love this song if you’re into perfectly executed indie rock music. The single is available for listening on streaming services.

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