Horse Doctor - Sinking

Horse Doctor – Sinking

Horse Doctor - Sinking

After a critically acclaimed single named Playa, the Canadian quartet Horse Doctor returns with a brand new song that will unquestionably be a treat to all the fans of post-hardcore sound. Sinking represents a natural progression of a band that not only moves boundaries of post-hardcore music but several other complementary music genres as well. Horse Doctor combines the vividly recognizable post-hardcore aesthetics with equally exciting elements of math rock, art rock, noise rock, alternative rock, and indie rock. If you ever had a chance to listen to their tunes before, then you’re more than familiar with their experimentations with a sound that always seem progressive, entertaining, fresh, and unique. That’s also the case with this particular single.

Horse Doctor invested heart and soul into Sinking, and that’s undoubtfully hearable. You’ll solely enjoy their math-rock progressiveness, post-hardcore dynamics, alternative rock energy, indie rock melodies and harmonies. The band fully stacked this number with everything you ever needed from a progressive post-hardcore band, but still, Horse Doctor always find their way to impress listeners even more. It is one of those songs that suits all moods and occasions. Sinking is available for listening on all streaming services.






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