Finding Bella – Good Right Now

Finding Bella - Good Right Now

If you craved some nineties indie rock scene-inspired music, then you’re in the right place. Birmingham-based indie rock quintet Finding Bella released a new single today that will immediately knock your socks off. Good Right Now is their debut single that instantly throws you into the time capsule and brings you back to the golden days when indie rock music dominated the most. It’s nearly mindblowing how this composition resonates with so much melody, power, brilliant lyricism, and excellent musicianship. Finding Bella thought about the song structure, arrangements, accentuations, and other details that define tremendous indie rock songs. Therefore, you won’t even believe you’re listening to a debut single once you decide to listen to this tune.

Finding Bella

Perhaps Finding Bella aimed for a particular sound that resembles the nineties indie scene but they also invested a lot of their effort, so this composition could shine even brighter. Besides the unquestionable dominance of indie rock, you may hear how alternative rock, nineties rock, and Britpop are lurking around somewhere in the mix. These elements are not dominant like their primary sonic direction, but you’ll stumble upon some orchestrations that resemble the beforementioned genres. Finding Bella truly nailed with their debut single, and it would be such a waste if you miss the opportunity to hear it. Therefore, pick up a streaming service of your choice and blast this song as loud as you can.

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